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We started the campaign to further your impact by assisting the charitable foundation “Dobrodiy Club” reach their goal to raise funds for the purchase of 2,000 sleeping sets (a sleeping bag, hand-sized reusable warmer, and winter hat) for qualified children.

  • Date: 2023.01.01. 12:00 AM
  • Location: Online Event


The koloHUB board members implore your help to ensure that war-impacted children in Ukraine stay warm during the cold winter by donating to the koloHUB campaign “Share your warmth with kids in Ukraine” or by sending money directly to the Ukrainian charitable foundation (CF) “Dobrodiy Club” via their PayPal – Since the beginning of the full-scale war (February 24th, 2022), CF “Dobrodiy Club” has supported more than 45,000 children in Ukraine.

Your generous donations from our recent fundraising campaign have already enabled the purchase of 25 sleeping sets for Ukrainian children who struggle daily to survive without power and heat in their homes at the frontline. It is imperative to keep the children warm and prevent frostbite and/or hypothermia since they are more vulnerable to cold temperatures than adults. The campaign goal of koloHUB is to raise funds for at least 75 more sleeping sets before the end of the month – January 31st. Your donations will immediately support their project “Warmth”

( and give hope to children to survive this winter.