Tania Chernenko

Graphic Designer

was born and raised in Kyiv region, Ukraine where she currently resides. Tania has been working as a Graphic Designer for 10+ years.

Pavlo Khlivnyi

Social Media Designer

Ukrainian graphic designer and calligrapher dedicated to amplifying the impact of a koloHUB mission through visually compelling and easy-to-understand designs.

Marki Lukyniuk

Music Coordinator

grew up in Western Ukraine where he went to music school. During his school years he won several national and international competitions, and performed on different events and festivals in Ukraine and Europe. He had been pursuing his Bachelor's degree at Kyiv Music Academy when in spring 2022 he got a scholarship to study at the University of Tennessee School of Music. Marki has been in the USA since September 2022 and have already performed in three states: New York, Florida, and Tennessee.